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Healing Through Remembering


Healing Through Remembering (HTR) is an inclusive cross-community organization made up of a range of individual members holding differing political, social and religious perspectives who have come together to focus on the issues of how best to deal with the past relating to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland.,  The aims of HTR are to further the debate on dealing with the past, to involve in the debate those most affected by the past, and to promote active citizenship in policy and decision-making on acknowledging and dealing with the past.

In order to achieve these aims, HTR seeks to:

  • Create safe spaces to have discussions and build relationships
  • Develop and stimulate projects which can inform wider pilot activities, debate and discussion
  • Pilot activities that engage wider communities, with a view to supporting society to deal with the past in a way that promotes respect, encourages reconciliation and builds a better future; and
  • Engage with decision makers on dealing with the past, bringing community-based learning to bear on the issues so as to facilitate a bottom-up approach to work in this area.


Healing Through Remembering hosts the Everyday Objects Transformed by Conflict travelling exhibition.

The ‘Everyday Objects Transformed by the Conflict’ project and exhibition brings together many views and experiences of the recent conflict in and about Northern Ireland. The exhibition reveals both unique and everyday stories through a range of loaned objects and their accompanying labels, all written in the words of those who own the items.

The exhibition does not aim to agree on one single version of history but instead lets people from various backgrounds speak for themselves. Objects such as a bin lid used as a street communication tool in nationalist areas, a bullet-proof clipboard used by the security forces, as well as a matchbox with a well-known unionist slogan ‘Ulster says No’ printed on its cover are examples of the range of diverse objects on loan for this exhibition. The stories behind these objects not only offer a glimpse into the everyday lives and memories of individuals, communities and organisations, they also help visitors explore the nature, causes and effects of conflict.


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For Everyday Objects Transformed by Conflict venue see HTR website