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Network Members’ Digital Exhibition

Spotlight artifact: Architecture of the H Blocks

(Transcript: Fr. Oliver Crilly, for Prisons Memory Archive)

“The whole architecture of the H Blocks, it is not a normal type of architecture, this is an architecture that grew out of the whole horrific conflict situation. And it does strike me that the whole of the Maze Prison here, the whole of the H Blocks, the whole Long Kesh reality, it’s like something that physically was extruded from the from the pain and the conflict and the hostility and the armed struggle – all these various names that we give it – it was as if it all gathered together and was extruded like a, like a shape being extruded into a piece of plastic, that what we have here in the remnants of the architecture of the H Blocks as something that in its own strange way signifies the horrific nature of the conflict and the hostility that has existed in our society.”