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Spotlight artifact: Babygrow with Michael Kelly’s Blood

(Transcript: John Kelly, Museum of Free Derry)

“This is my brother Michael Kelly and he was murdered on Bloody Sunday and what we have here is a babygrow that was used that day to stem the flow of blood from Michael’s injury. When Michael was shot at the barricade he was carried through the car park into this woman’s house. And she grabbed the babygrow and put it over and used it as a pad to stop the flow.

Now, it’s still here, after all these years, 52 years later. When my mother was alive, she actually kept everything belonging to Michael, everything that he died in, his clothes, his textbooks, everything. And one, one part of it was the babygrow.

Before she died, she said to me that she wanted everything that belonged to Michael to go with her to the grave. So that morning, I did what she asked and I put everything into the coffin. Closed the coffin and she was buried; thinking that everything had gone with her.

Couple of weeks afterwards, I was searching my wardrobe, and there was the babygrow. So, people keep saying to me at least we still part of Michael above the ground. And that part of Michael is Michael’s blood on this babygrow.”