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Network Members’ Digital Exhibition

Spotlight artifact: Belfast/Good Friday Agreement Memorandum

(Transcript: Dr. Karen Logan, National Museums NI)

“Hi, I’m Karen Logan. I’m Senior Curator of History here at National Museums NI, and this is one of the objects that we selected for the digital exhibition.

It’s a signed memorandum from the Belfast Good Friday Agreement. It’s an important acquisition for us. It was acquired as part of the ‘Collecting the Troubles and Beyond’ project that was supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund. The aim of that project was to widen the scope of the collection, supported by greater academic and community engagement in order to enhance our interpretation of our recent past.

And this exhibition was born out of that project. It looks at the period beyond the signing of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement. It’s ‘Troubles and Beyond’ in the sense that it doesn’t end with that, it goes right up to date, enabling us to look at post conflict period, and how we approach dealing with the legacy of the past. It also goes beyond the conflict itself to look at our wider social, cultural history as well.

And the exhibition actually opened on the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, and now six years on, we’ve been able to make updates to it and to explore where we are with that. And I think this is an important document for us more broadly within Northern Ireland to look at who it has and hasn’t delivered for, how it’s working and whether we need to revisit aspects of it. It’s all part of how we approach dealing with the legacy of past and moving on with society.”