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Spotlight artifact: Coins

(Transcript: Alex Bunting, for Healing Through Remembering)

“I was a taxi driver. I was blown up in 1991, and this is some of the shrapnel that was taken out of my body.

All of a sudden, I seen this flash coming out of the dash. How I can explain it was just like the likes of a rainbow; to me it was all colours. I don’t know why, but instantly I put my hand down and hit the door. Seconds later the bomb – it must have been the detonator going off – and then the bomb going off.

My left leg was blown off. And I remember it flying out the door first, and me flying out the door behind it. My finger was blown off. I remember looking at as it hit the ground across the road; all I could think about was my wife and children. I thought, ‘this is it, I’m dead.’

I remember the day the consultant had come to me, and he was saying to me, ‘I have a present for you before you leave.’ He gave me this bottle, and in it there was money and bits of the car. That coin there, that 1p, there’s two imprints where two [coins] fused into one. That is other metal that was fused to that pound coin which was inside me.

But I have no hatred for anybody, and I think that has helped me to cope and get by. Because for my children and my grandchildren, all I hope is that they don’t have to go through anything that I ever went through. I think it is important that we do move forward, but also, we don’t forget.”