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Network Members’ Digital Exhibition

Personal Security Booklets

(Decorum NI)

Soldiers and police officers were at risk from attack not only whilst on duty during the conflict, but also when off duty. This was especially true for those who lived in the community (which included all police officers and UDR soldiers). Part time members of the UDR and the RUC Reserve were particularly at risk as they also had civilian employment in the community. This meant that not only had they  to be vigilant at all times but also that their families had to be equally aware of the dangers and the measures they needed to take to protect themselves. Both the Army and Police Headquarters issued advice to families in the form of booklets as shown in the photograph. Such advice included ensuring that no items of uniforms were visible (e.g. on a washing line), not setting predictable patterns when travelling etc.,checking cars for booby trap bombs, and being aware of any unusual activity.