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Roddy Mc Corley Republican Heritage Centre


The Roddy McCorley Society was founded in 1972 amidst heightened civil unrest. As a means of promoting Irish Republican culture and heritage and fostering a sense of community among its members. Originally located in two garages in the Lenadoon estate, the Society purchased its current site of Moyard House in 1984 to serve as a permanent space for events and activities. Today, the Society continues to play an important role in preserving Irish traditions and Republican history and promoting a sense of belonging among its members and visitors alike.

Our current aim is to showcase the catalogue of Irish History artefacts. Develop a key Historical landmark and tourism destination space in Belfast and Ireland as a whole. We wish to empower people to learn, enjoy and care about shared histories and legacies. We also aim to support the development of genuine, authentic, and indigenous tourism experiences.

Our new Heritage Centre features:
A world class Heritage Centre, incorporating a museum and heritage trail.
Modern and vibrant public bars.
A contemporary Entertainment Venue.
A dynamic outdoor Cultural and Event space.
A 108-seater restaurant.
Roof top terracing commanding picturesque views of Belfast.


Since the Society’s formation we have collected and stored various artefacts, collections, etc relevant to Irish Republican history from the period of 1798 through to the most recent phase of conflict. We are currently in the process of developing a museum and heritage trail onsite. The museum will be an exciting addition to the ever-growing West Belfast Cultural tourism infrastructure network. The new facility will provide access to a diverse range of monuments, archives, artefacts, and collections reflecting Irish history and will offer a unique experience to visitors in order to create a deeper appreciation of Irish Republican Culture and Heritage.



Moyard House, 203 Glen Road, Belfast BT11 8BU

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Twitter:  @RoddyMcCorleys

FB: @TheRoddiesHeritage

Instagram: @roddies1798/

Opening hours
Museum will be available for tours from 10.00-17.00

Bar opening:
Mon-Sat 11.30 – 23.00
Sun 12.30 -23.00